About me - Ruth Scheurer
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Ruth Scheurer

Motivator & Inspirer

For me, consulting begins with understanding your company, your employees and your customers.  Changes often bring fear and uncertainty. This is why I believe it is particularly important to integrate and motivate the people in your company, especially in difficult times. And a smile never hurts 🙂

Professional experience

I have more than 15 years of project experience in national and international companies:

• Company size: from start-ups to listed companies

• Sectors: logistics, financial services, IT, security

• Strategic tasks in the field of mergers & acquisitions, business development, realignment of business models, foundation and further development of organisations, cross-divisional processes and project portfolio management

My approach

Individual & Practice-oriented Solutions

Every company is unique. I quickly gain an overview of your needs and offer proposals that suit your company. I then work on the implementation in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner.

Team Work & Respect

Every single employee contributes their skills and commitment to the success of your company.  This is why I focus on the people. Working together makes difficult tasks and transformations easier to accomplish.

Sustained Implementation & Success

To me it is important that actions, processes and projects, which we have implemented together, also work in the long run. I place great emphasis on involving your employees from the beginning. This way we ensure that the success is not short term, but remains when you continue the work alone.

Are you looking for someone who will put their heart and soul into supporting your project? I look forward to hearing from you!