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Services | Portfolio

International Project Consulting and Supervision

Your company faces a process of transition? There is a great deal to be done, but you do not exactly know where to start?
You want to redefine your business model or your focus and are launching various implementation projects? Or you are facing obstacles in important strategic projects?


With my services I support you and your company in planning and implementation of a project.

My aim is to help you concentrate on your core business without ignoring necessary new projects, in order that changes can be embedded permanently in your company.

Consulting for Strategic Projects

I offer consulting services for the conception of strategically important cross-functional projects as well as assistance for you and your team during the implementation. In this context, the focus lies on the realisation and sustained implementation of the developed strategies.

Change Management

Every company has to face changes. Some of them are planned, others are necessary due to external circumstances.

I help you to prepare proactively for new trends and developments. Together, we realise change projects and I support you during the transition process.

Support of Project Managers, Teams and Executives

No organisation could exist without the people within it. Especially during the reorganisation of a company, many employees feel overwhelmed and to some extent left alone.

I offer project coaching for your project managers, in order that they can fulfil their role without prior experience and feel comfortable while doing so. I help you to motivate executives and employees and ensure that they support the change.

Interim Management

If your staff resources are not sufficient to start or complete certain work packages successfully and on schedule, I am happy to take on the tasks temporarily.

For example: the development of a new department or branch, for which you have not yet recruited all employees and/or managers, but where fundamental project tasks already need to be managed. In this case, I will support you during the launch and then hand over to your employees.

If you are looking for support in strategically important tasks and topics, feel free to contact me.